Illegal, inappropriate and harmful Web content can enter your network via any user’s browser. Unfiltered content can infect your network with malware, drain productivity and consume vital bandwidth resources. 

Allowing unfettered access to the internet also introduces legal liabilities, due to the potential for users to inadvertently abuse these resources by accessing inappropriate or illegal materials, such as file sharing websites.
PCS Group content filtering blocks inappropriate content reduces organizational liability and increases productivity for organizations of any size.


PCS Group will design a custom solution to streamline your employee web access policies using start-of-the-art Network Security from SonicWALL®.

After designing a custom set of benchmarks, we will create unique policies for any number of user groups, whether executives, management or standard users, each with a different set of accessible and blocked websites.

With SonicWALL® content filtering, certain web content categories can be outright blocked, and others can be selectively blocked depending on your needs and environments. For example, executives and management can make use of social networking sites to help promote your business while limiting access for standard users.

We also offer the ability to obtain nightly and/or weekly reports on web usage to ensure that productivity goals are being met and that attempts to access dangerous or inappropriate websites are logged and monitored. The technology PCS Group employs utilizes a comprehensive database of millions of websites. Using a high-performance rating and caching architecture, ratings are updated dynamically on your local SonicWALL® Network Security Appliance for instantaneous comparison. This means that your network will not suffer a performance hit due to the implementation of filtering.

Along with filtering for content, each website is also scanned for malware on the SonicWALL® Network Security Appliance itself using a dynamically updating virus definition database. This helps prevent malware from entering your network. If a malicious site is detected, the connection is blocked on the SonicWALL®.

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