The PCS Golf Reservation System is a flat rate fee that covers the initial installation in the Pro Shop and staff training. 

For less active Pro Shops with 10 users or less, the Golf Revervation System can utilize the free SQL Server database. If you will have more than 10 concurrent users you will need to purchase the full version of Microsoft SQL Server. 

The license allows the club to install the the Golf Reservation Software on an unlimited number of club PC's.
There is a monthly maintenance fee that covers support and minor application updates and for convenience we do offer a slight discount when maintenance fees are paid yearly.
Features that set our system apart from many of our competitors.
  • Our system was built using Microsoft Windows .NET technology.
  • The familiar windows interface will decrease implementation and training time.
  • Many of the features in our system are also found in many windows applications.
  • You do not need to use the web tee time modules 
  • There is no extra charge for the number of members or for multiple courses.
Several of our competitors use the Software as a Service (SaaS) model to host their Tee Time Application. This means that the application and all member data is stored and run from an offsite data center. This could potentially present a security risk for clubs that have high profile members.  

In addition, we have noticed that in some instances competitive rates include a charge to the club based on the number of members or courses. This is not ideal for the club because not everyone plays golf. This typically results in a much higher yearly cost to the club.  The PCS Golf Reservation pricing is competive and we do not base our flat rate by the total number of club members.