Golf Reservation System Overview

Our proprietary Golf Reservation System (GRS) is a shining example of the quality of thought, time, and effort that PCS puts into its products. 

All of the advanced GRS features have been developed and implemented based on input from users across the industry, including research and support from numerous golf professionals from major Country Clubs and premier courses throughout Southern California. 

PCS chose to develop a flexible Windows® based application for the Pro Shop because of the many benefits and increased functionality not found in similar web based programs.
Benefits Include:
  • Improved Integration with third party POS and Accounting applications
  • Decreased implementation and training time from installation to production
  • Internal Access to data for custom reporting
The Golf Reservation system is built using the latest Microsoft® .NET technology and it utilizes Microsoft® SQL Server for the database. PCS has a flexible licensing model that allows the Pro Shop to install our client on an unlimited number of machines in the club.
  • Complete Guest Management System 
  • Sponsored Guest Rounds / Free Guests 
  • Golfer Profile Management 
  • Unlimited Golfer Types
  • Unlimited Golf Courses 
  • Golf Rounds 
  • No-Shows 
  • History / Contact Notes 
  • Family Data and More 
  • Links Members to Spouse & Dependents Drag and Drop Reschedule Capability 
  • Reschedule individual golfers or groups across days or different courses Multiple Schedule Views
  • Pro Shop can view schedule by day or week
  • Easily switch between courses and navigate to different days or weeks
  • Pro Shop can view multiple courses at the same time using our familiar (MDI) interface Reservation Entry 
  • Easily search for existing members or add new guests right from the reservation entry screen
  • Easily link guests to members and reciprocal club charges. Configuration Modules 
  • Staff Manager
  • Schedule Blocker with tournament mode
  • Integrated Rule Manager
  • Golf Lesson Manager
  • Built-In Reports and Printable Tee Sheet
  • Quick-View Statistics Dashboard 

     - Vista Valley Country Club, Vista, California
     - Los Angeles Country Club, Los Angeles, California
     - La Jolla Country Club, La Jolla, California
     - Brentwood Country Club, Los Angeles, California