The Yacht system is designed to keep track of all available slips and moorings. It can calculate charges, automatically based on the size (per foot) of the slip, or based on a fixed amount for that slip. 

The yachts can be maintained by name and then linked to the members/owners through the Member Masterfile Yacht Maintenance screen.
A number of reports give up-to-the-minute information on the location of the yachts, the type of slip/moorings used, and the amount to charge each member, automatically at the end of the month, based on the billing schedule. In addition to the End-of-Month Billing Report and the on demand reporting available, the system can generate a Roster Report which can be formatted to look like the club’s roster.
The Yacht System Features:

• Yacht Masterfile
• Slip Masterfile

• Yacht Sailboat and Power Boat
• Yacht Slip Charges Application
• Yacht Member Roster Listing
• Yacht Member Roster Detail
• Yacht Member Fleet Listing
• Mooring/Slip/Yard Roster
• Ham Operator Report