Digital Signage

In today’s economic climate, private clubs are constantly striving to identify strategies and solutions that will allow them to increase revenue and streamline expenses, but without diminishing the level of personalized service they are providing to their members.
When planning marketing activities to promote club events and increase participation, PCS Group offers a solution that will allow you to decrease costs, and at the same time, improve the impact and timeliness of the marketing messages conveyed to your members.
PCS Group’s state-of-the-art Digital Signage provides clubs with an innovative and cost effective medium to showcase events, club information and many other media types over beautiful LCD display screens, elegantly displayed in your clubhouse.
Digital signs use compelling displays of video, text, photos, graphics and other media to get your message across to your members. Displays can be installed by network cable or wireless connection, and since PCS Group Digital Signage is based on a special version of Linux, your system will remain safe from viruses and spyware.
PCS Group Digital Signage benefits clubs in “time cost”, as the system and media input is easy to use. Built on a Windows-based interface, your staff will be able to build your digital content quickly, and also provide you the capability to manage content from any location via the Internet. This ease of use allows clubs to decrease costs across the board and expedite their marketing messages being delivered to club members with greater timeliness and far more impact than traditional signs and flyers.
  • Create your digital signage layout in PowerPoint, PDF, Flash or URL’s
  • Insert videos, text, photos, and graphics
  • Add live news, weather, and sports feeds via RSS
  • Publish to one or multiple media players
  • Manage content from any location via the Internet
As a further benefit, digital signage eliminates the need and associated costs that historically come with outsourcing the creation and production of marketing collateral and posters to 3rd party vendors.
PCS Group Digital Signage offers today’s clubs a more efficient, more impactful, and more cost-effective way to deliver compelling club messaging to its members.

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