Catering & Event Management

The Catering and Event Management System package was designed to simplify and streamline the process of maintaining and tracking all of your events including:
  • Club Events
  • Member and Member Sponsored Events
  • à La Carte
Comprehensive maintenance and lookup screens allow easy setup and maintenance of your events. The Events Screen lists the date, dress code, music, entertainment, event maximum, price and times.

The “PROGRAMS”, such as Dinner and Cocktails are also displayed with their individual locations and start and end times. By clicking on the “program”, the system will display data pertinent to that program, such as menus and room setup.
Club Event Reservations:
  • Under the Club Event Reservation the following can be maintained:
  • Member making the reservation
  • Number of Adults and Children
  • Sit with (Co-Host) member
  • Contact information main contact person, such as phone, fax, and cell phone number
  • Special requirements and request from the member
Reservation can be cancelled or confirmed and the system tracks all contacts made with member for future reference. All changes made to the reservation are tagged with the operator code making the changes.
The Catering and Event Management System is powered with many desirable options:
  • Ability to filter report information by event, date, and event type, as well as an interface to  Executive Access (our report writer), which allows you to format your own reports
  • Conveniently interfaces to both Point-of-Sale and Membership Receivables Group Posting
  • Ability to track reservations over periods of time
  • Provides a calendar for quick date references with a touch of a button