Membership Accounts Receivable

The Membership Receivable system is designed for the maintenance of Accounts Receivable for members/guests of a club. It is a fully integrated accounting system designed to minimize the handling of source data required to produce management reports
This system maintains membership information, handles sales tickets, provides member cash receipts, handles reciprocal billings of other clubs, and keeps track of group and miscellaneous sales.
  • Family Data screen includes the option to link special interest codes to the spouse and children data. Addresses and gender can be maintained for the spouse under each child in the family data screen. Family member can now be blocked from the website or mass email. Member Label Printing has the ability to general e-mail list using the family data.
  • Members’ charges can be drilled down to the actual Point of Sale Ticket from Current and History Data.
  • Supplemental member information can be maintained though our multiple screen database.
  • ACH and Remote Deposit Program has the ability to update the Cash Receipt Data automatically.

Member Reporting Tools – Has the capability of providing member spending down to the item level, and can generate email lists. In addition, has the ability to upload Member’s Address to a Word for Mail Merge to letters, labels, etc. Reports can be easily created such as: Regular Members that joined the club after 1989.

The Server Commissions is a subsystem of Point of Sale and Membership Receivable. It is designed to allow the operator to enter and maintain server types and codes. This module is includes the flexibility to accommodate various server commissions and individual incentives for each event. 

  • Multiple Addresses that can be Flagged as: Billing, Business, Home & Advertisement Membership Types (two-character alphanumeric code) to separate the different dues,  fixed charges (two-character alphanumeric code) to separate the different types of member.
  • Dues and fixed charges (two-character alphanumeric code) for automatic billing based on individual billing schedule.
  • Member Dues, Fixed Charges will default under the member type but can be changed per member.
  • Committee History has the Starting Date and Ending Date for each.
  • Locker Maintenance with detail breakdown: Men, Woman, Small, Medium, etc.
  • Decal/Driver License Maintenance that includes the description of the car.
  • Family data can be maintained under each member. This comprehensive feature allows you to maintain spouse and children information, including address, and category for each child.
  • Annual Roster information is automatically updated in upper/lower case & customized for each club’s needs. The data can be printed/uploaded to a word processor.
  • Additional information (i.e., Secretary’s Name, Stock Number, demographic data) can be easily added by the user to our screen database. Reports can be created.
Member search can be done by Name (First or Last), Address, Family Data, Vehicle License Plate Number or Parking Tag.
Has the ability to upload Member’s Address to a Word Processor for Mail Merge to letters, labels, etc.Reports can be easily created such as: Regular Members that joined the club after 1989.