Designed with the flexibility needed to perform in restaurants, Point-of-Sale is a turnkey system for entering daily checks by servers, tracking inventory items sold, and keeping server and item history under each member. It automatically interfaces to the Membership Receivable Daily Ticket File. Accurate, real time updates of member information are possible because the system is connected to your host computer.
FOOD & BEVERAGE/ Point of Sale:


Check Splitting - Priority Touch allows the server the option to split to multiple checks by selecting the specific items or the seat. Separate checks splits can be generated for every person on the table with a single touch. Check splitting can be done by item, seat, or by dollar amount.

Member Purchase History - Member Purchase History can be viewed from the POS screen as well as their preferences such as Wine, Entrée, Sitting and special needs.
Remote Printer Management - Remote printers can be re-directed, turned on/off through the pos screen. Up to two expo printers can be used simultaneously

Inventory Control -  Performs as a perpetual inventory system with sales updating automatically from the Point of Sale unit. Quantity on hand can be maintained through adjustment, receiving and transfers. It also provides for Physical Inventory Processing. The system has the ability to interface with optional data collection devices that simplify the physical count by scanning items and then down loading the data to the main system.
Purchase Orders Receiving, Adjusting and Creating a Quick P.O
. - This option gives the ability to have a perpetual inventory by receiving P.O.’s that have been previously created purging full received PO and creating a back order for partial received order. It also allows the ability create a P.O. and receive it all in one step. Plus our Adjustment feature allows you to adjust the inventory for additions or deletions of on-hand quantity. In the Inventory Profile you will see the updates that came from receiving and adjustments.