Disaster Recovery

PCS Group takes pride in the service we give to clients for Disaster Recovery Plans. Our dedicated employees are committed to:  
  • Anticipating all problems prior to their occurrence
  • Analyzing all situations thoroughly
  • Answer client questions and move swiftly to resolve the issues
If there was a disaster, do you have an Emergency Plan at your Business? How deep is your plan in terms of detail?

What contingencies does your plan cover? How frequently is your plan updated?
Disasters – small or large – are going to happen – whether you’re ready or not! Preparing for the worst, may be the best thing you ever do in your job as a Controller.

PCS Group offers a Simple, Cost-Effective Solution to both your Backup and Disaster Recovery Requirements to ensure you have frequent and reliable backups of your business data.
  • Centralized Back-Ups
  • Live Data
  • Redundancy
  • Remote Viewing
  • Data Verification
  • External Servers
  • Product Options
  • Web Interface
  • Replacement Systems